Why Self-Acceptance is Essential to Experience the True Nature of your Soul

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Did you know that on the emotional and feelings scale Courage – Acceptance – Peace (CAP) are energies where we most feel alive? These three tree energies are at the top of our Emotional scale after Apathy – Grief – Fear – Lust – Anger – Pride (AGFLAP).

The Emotional Release Technique by Lester Levenson is giving a gentle, natural, yet profoundly liberating experience. It allow us to release easily an emotional density towards experiencing Acceptance in our inner and outer world.

An experiential exercise is to follow up towards the end of this article.

Acceptance is accessible in every step of the Emotional Release technique that allows us to be receptive to all our emotional energies.

Our minds tend to put labels on every emotion as bad or good, uncomfortable and comfortable, etc. What if we can be with these energies (without labeling them), be receptive to them as part of us and then choose to release them? [ read more… ]


Marina Duskov