Why is random wisdom relevant to the development of our human consciences?

It’s because this is part of the non-linear world. To understand non-linear, first, we have to look at the opposite and linear world. What I mean by that is that our ego consciences, as part of our personality is perceiving the world in a linear way. If you imagine it, is like a straight line, has a sequence (step by step), thinks in form, has a concept of time (hours, months, years), space and is limited by these factors.

Opposite to that is non-linear perception which is without sequence, random, formless, has no concept of time (it is in the present moment of now, timeless) and has no concept of space; it is limitless. Just to make it visual, you can imagine it as a circle. This bigger view of our consciences is part of our wider sense of who we are in our true nature, i.e. call it Wise Self and is connected to our intuitive guidance. It communicates through sensations of feelings, images and sense of knowing. These two points of view are part of each other, so wider overview perception of non-linear (i.e. Circle) has inside linear view (i.e. Line inside the circle) as a much smaller view of the world.

What are some examples of intuitive questions you can ask yourself and ponder:

• What is relevant for me as a next step in developing my business?
• What is relevant for me to be aware of in conversation I had with so and so?
• What is relevant to my readers in writing this blog?

It is like having a 360-degree view in a circle and noticing what is relevant and what is irrelevant you are simply not bothered by it. Have you noticed that intuitive knowing is instant sometimes represented as a body sensation, knowing, whisper or visual image? Sometimes, I even ask, if it is appropriate for me to know the answer today? If it says ‘no, ’ i.e. feeling sensation that I recognise, then I just let it be. Other times I ask the question as pondering, (i.e. What does it feel to have true self-expression?) as an opening to explore, then I let it go and let the answer comes itself when it will. Sometimes comes as an ‘Aha’ moment.

What are robots to do with random wisdom?

How does this relate to expansion of consciousness? As our artificial intelligence (robot) is developing fast, we as in the human development of our consciousness need to move faster. Robots are human consciousness fast forward. They don’t have the ego resistance of humans.

What is the message of human consciousness that we give to the artificial intelligence?

We as human beings, we cannot afford to keep creating robots with ego human consciousness because this gives a message of competition. We need to move into a deeper sense of who we are at Soul and heart level that give the message of collaboration and co-operation. It is very important as we are responsible for the survival of our civilisation by the human consciousness message we give to robots. If we give competition messages, we have the possibility of extinction of humanity. On the other side, if we give a message of collaboration and competition from deepest sense of our true nature called the Soul we can create heaven on earth. The choice is ours.

What does it mean that life is speeding up?

Have you noticed that life is speeding up? Shortly, linear thinking will be too slow, and we as humans will depend on our intuitive, random wisdom for guidance. So, if you like to join Random Dialogue events that I love attending please do. (randomdialogues.com) https://www.meetup.com/Random-Dialogues/

PS If you like to know your Soul nature, for free,  you can by using the tab Discover Your Life Code. 


Why Self-Acceptance is Essential to Experience the True Nature of your Soul

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Did you know that on the emotional and feelings scale Courage – Acceptance – Peace (CAP) are energies where we most feel alive? These three tree energies are at the top of our Emotional scale after Apathy – Grief – Fear – Lust – Anger – Pride (AGFLAP).

The Emotional Release Technique by Lester Levenson is giving a gentle, natural, yet profoundly liberating experience. It allow us to release easily an emotional density towards experiencing Acceptance in our inner and outer world.

An experiential exercise is to follow up towards the end of this article.

Acceptance is accessible in every step of the Emotional Release technique that allows us to be receptive to all our emotional energies.

Our minds tend to put labels on every emotion as bad or good, uncomfortable and comfortable, etc. What if we can be with these energies (without labeling them), be receptive to them as part of us and then choose to release them? [ read more… ]


Marina Duskov