Marina Duskov – Life Codes Soul Practitioner

About what I do for you

When life gets on top of us our energy depletes, we start to take up the bad habits we’d rather forget about and a distance deep inside starts to grow. Internal stress is a huge factor in life; it’s a silent killer of happiness and fulfilment.

My speciality is working with clients who know something wants and needs to change but they can’t quite put their finger on it. You may have been experiencing unresolved health issues your doctor finds difficult to diagnose, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, frustration, feeling stuck or a general dis-satisfaction with some aspects of your current lifestyle.

Stress can manifest in many forms. I help my clients to regain their joy in life and find the passion and confidence to put themselves forward out of what feels like a deep rut.

My name is Marina, I used a variety of tools to help clients regain their balance. I used non-invasive methods to discover what it is that need resolution. The source of an issue may not be what you think it is! I then use a variety of techniques dependent on the individual. This may be methods such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) or Sedona Method to release old emotional patterns or Tai Chi and breathing exercises to help restore a long lasting internal peace.

To work with me I first conduct a free 10 min consultation, an assessment to see if what I offer is suitable for your requirements. This simple assessment takes place in a short telephone conversation to identify what it is you would like me to help you with. Once I discover if what I do is suitable method to help you, I ask you to commit to one session. Package of three sessions is for maximum success.

Please contact me by email firstly or phone with any questions. If I am in clinic I will return your call, so please leave me a message.

Marina Duskov