What others say?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
Albert Einstein

Chrystel Melhuish

Chrystel Melhuish-Visual Communication Expert-www.chrystelmelhuish.com
“I had a life code reading with Marina which was very accurate about the areas I needed to work on in my business. Marina was brilliant at really drilling down to the exact question we needed to focus on, and her extended knowledge and experience in other holistic/spiritual fields which she shares generously where required, was a wonderful added bonus. I came out having a clear understanding of where I was and feeling fantastic. I would highly recommend working with Marina.”

Tracy W.

In this reading I focused on a relationship and with Marina’s help I was able to bring up to the surface my Inner Childs’ hurt, abandonment & pain; releasing it & letting it go (after 3 years!). After my session, I was amazed at how much ‘lighter’ & freer I felt. This life of ours is amazing. EVERYTHING we go through brings us to the place we are in the NOW. Knowing and accepting that I exist in a universal bubble of love and trust is very empowering. I really can be and achieve anything I set my mind to. Thank you Marina!

Beverly Fox

“Before my healing session with Marina, I was feeling very scared as I’d had to have an emergency eye operation and I didn’t even know whether it had been successful!!! Marina has such a positive, caring manner that she supported me to disperse my fear and helped me trust that all would be ok. I felt more peaceful and calm after the session. Thank you Marina. I have now been told that my operation was successful.”

Linda H.

What my previous group participants say:
“The course provided a practical structure for spiritual development and also offered a way to release difficult emotions effectively and easily”.

Bobby-Arbonne consultant

“On session 5 I’d realised how much I was ‘in the moment’ and so in tune with the group energy. I was literally in tears and could feel the energy moving through me. I’d been releasing on job issues that had been getting me down for months. That evening I shifted something and found myself less fearful over the coming days”

Seema Puri

Seema Puri-‘Diva Beauty’ www.diva-beautysalon.com
I had a reading with Marina on a day when I was feeling quite ill with no energy whatsoever. I felt very tired and demotivated.
After the reading I felt much better, I felt brighter, clearer and had much more energy. Marina has a wonderful ability to really and truly listen and understand what is being said to her, and from that she is able to guide and direct the client. She does this from a place of huge integrity and a very genuine desire to really and truly help make a difference in a persons life.
Marina also brings in practical tools that help you release unnecessary and limiting ways of thinking and behaving. I would highly recommend her to anybody and I would also use her again for future readings. Regards Seema Puri

Mark Vaughan

Mark Vaughan –www.yourplantsman.co.uk – I thought before the Passion Test that garden plants would be my top passion, only to discover that my wife is on the top of the list in my passions and very soon afterwards, we balanced our busy social life with time just for two of us.
Our already good marriage gained new appreciation and excitement.

John Hannawin

John Hannawin – www.web4sme.co.uk – Day or two after the workshop I was asked by my daughter about her friends sleeping over for the weekend and because I was clear about my passion for more experiences with my children, I made the decision aligned with that and so had a much better relationship with my daughter as direct result of the Passion Test.
Also, I stopped feeling guilty for spending more time in the parts of my business that I love and are my strengths and thus built up longer term productivity. Now my business goes from strength to strength.

Francesca Cassini

Francesca Cassini editor –www.copperstrings.com– 2 weeks after doing the Passion Test with Marina my life changed in the most unforeseen ways.
I identified that I wanted to have a radio show and work, play, meet and develop relationships with creative, big thinkers who want to change the world – and here I am, part of this amazing team of people!
I am having the most consistent fun and inspiration I think I’ve ever had.

Alex Garcez

Alex Garcez ‘Speed Reading’- www.mindseyecoaching.com – I went to Marina’s workshop even though I already have a passion towards my work, teaching Speed Reading.
She told me that by finding my top 5 passions I would feel more inspired and start to pay attention to other areas of my life that I could also improve. I now have more time to enjoy myself and I am also more aware of how I spend my time on things that really matter. The area where I am really improving is the family because I found the love of my life and I am getting married. Thanks Marina for opening my life to new and exciting possibilities.

Judith Hanson

Judith Hanson www.ageldiamonds.info – Since doing the Passion Test I have found that life (even when potentially fraught) has gone much more smoothly (without any effort) and I have recovered quickly from events that would otherwise have a more lasting effect and been less affected by things people say to me.

Marina Duskov