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Marina Duškov – Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant

Marina Duskov is an intuitive lifestyle consultant specialising in Eastern holistic healing principles. She empowers her personal clients and class attendees to re-discover what is important in their life and move beyond self-imposed limitations. Marina has passionately pursued opportunities to learn the most beneficial techniques for human healing from Tai Chi, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Inner Warrior Training and Intuitive Development.

Since September 2016, Marina has been doing postgraduate work with Alef Trust in the subjects of science, psychology and spirituality, as each pertains to the development of the Soul. https://www.aleftrust.org/about/ .
Her individual Soul path continues to deepen in transformation from the grieving process caused by the sudden death of her husband and soul mate in September 2017.

Marina draws from varied skills, as well as her life experience, to bring a unique and gentle healing opportunity to her clients for improved health, abundance and peace of mind.
She also supports fellow therapists to consciously align with their soul’s essence and serve their true purpose so they may better meet the needs of their clients.

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“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”
E. M. Foster

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