2018 Soul Workshops

Your Soul Connection workshop

Will You Be in the Highest Quality Partnerships with Yourself?

The Time is NOW



You will want to attend this one-day workshop because:

  • You will gain clarity on how to access the wisdom of your intuition based on the true nature of your Soul(s). This is your Life Code and it will reveal why it is more important now than ever before for you to manifest this energy in your life.

  • You will learn what the energy of 2018 has in store for your alignment with your Soul.

  • You will learn how to breathe in a way that is life-enhancing at every level.  During the Spinal Breathwork session you will have an opportunity to deepen and strengthen your connection with your Soul and to ‘breathe in’ the new energies being emphasised through your Life Codes.

  • This awareness will give you an opportunity for a different way of being in your life, grounding these energies in a practical and effective way.


Before your attendance you can download a free e-book and read about the nature of your Soul (your True Essence and Life Code you were born with) by clicking here:  Discover Your Life Code.


About the presenters

Please click on our photos to find out more about us:

Marina Duskov

 Marina Duskov, Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant

Judith Davis, Spinal Breath

                Judith Davis, Spinal Breath







Workshop details

Venue: Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Burial Ground, GU4 7TT

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm

Date: Sunday, 18th March 2018

Investment: £75


To book your place

Please send an email to: support@marinaduskov.com



Marina Duskov