2017 & You as a Gentle Soul


2017 & You as a Gentle Soul 

                                         (3 week on line programme)

We are truly at a new beginning with new opportunities as 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1 is 1/10 year.

This year will give you the opportunity to:

  • Deepen the trust within yourself and have safety of knowing who you are in your uniqueness.
  • Accept and adapt with the change as your friend that supports you to grow.
  • Let go of your resistances and manage vulnerabilities with kindness.

This 3 week programme on line will support you to:

  • De-clutter your emotional worries and heavy feelings
  • Get in touch with a deeper sense of who you are at the Soul level
  • Adapt to change, so that you can see and take your new opportunities. This year you are setting up the next 9-year cycle.

In This Programme, You Will Learn

Session 1 – Discover How to Stop Putting Yourself Down and Build a New Trust in Yourself with Kindness

  • Learn how your physical body connects you to the wisdom of your spirit.
  • Understand better your emotional vulnerability as a strength.
  • How to manage your fears and step into courage?

Meditation – Releasing control of feeling powerless and accept the power of your kindness from a broader perspective.

Bonus 1 – Audio – Letting go of feeling that you are lacking control and allow yourself the feeling of having control.

Session 2 – Allow Yourself to Explore Your Broader Perspective and Let It Influence Your Everyday Life.

  • What is your broader perspective asking you to be deeply curious to study or learn?
  • Why investing in yourself is increasing your self-esteem and wealth?
  • How acceptance, courage and peace are your birth right?

Meditation Exploring your broader perspective and releasing emotional heaviness.

Bonus 2 – Audio – Letting go of feeling that you are lacking approval and allow yourself the feeling of having approval and full self-acceptance.

Session 3 –  What Does Your Soul Uniqueness Seek to Explore?

  • How to allow beauty of your gentle soul to shine bright with love?
  • Why your challenges are truly blessings in disguise?
  • How by welcoming the change, you let go of your resistance?

Meditation – Healing your soul wounds and allowing unity of 1/10 with love to shine.

Bonus 3 – Audio – Letting go of feeling insecure and lacking safety and allow feeling of having safety to be present.

When: Starting 25th January till 8th February (all sessions on line, released at 7pm, UK time)

(Session 1 – Wednesday 25th January, Session 2 – Wednesday 01st February, Session 3 – Wednesday 8th February)

Where: On line, so that you can do it at your own pace.

Investment: £87 (for whole 3 sessions).

To book – Email support@marinaduskov.com and you will receive the invoice to be paid in full before the start.  This programme will be closed after 25th January (as it is a closed group).





3 Bonuses: Based on Emotional Release by Lester Levenson also known as The Sedona Method taught by Hale Dwoskin (http://sedona.com/What-Is-The-Sedona-Method.asp?aff=SHWFM1 ).

Programme inspired by Heidi Sawyer (http://heidisawyer.com/) being her circle member (over 6 years) and her Life Code qualified practitioner (over 3 years).

Plus, your invite to join our Facebook Closed Group and share with fellow participant’s insights of this course with your progress. I will keep an eye on the discussions and answer briefly any questions you might have.

Risk is on me as there is 30 days’ money back guarantee – If ‘2017 & You as a Gentle Soul programme’

  1. doesn’t show me how to let go my worries and heavier feelings and allow me to manage them better
  2. if it doesn’t give me an understanding how to get in touch with deeper sense of who I am at the Soul level.
  3. or if it fails to support me to adapt to change, so that can see new opportunities.

then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!



Marina Duskov