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LC-Tree of Life

Life Code Soul Reading

In your reading Marina uses Life Codes Numerology which is based on your date of birth and the essence of ‘who you are’ at your soul level. The Life Codes Reading is applied to the Tree of Life which is an ancient Hebrew format of looking how life and the Universe work. Using Life Codes to give readings provides greater insight for the client, which is clearer and more accurate information. Marina uses Archetypes cards that gives the client easy understanding of energies present.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who is:

  • Willing to gain insight into a specific area of their life
  • Engaging in their process of conscious development
  • Open to discovering something about themselves with a deeper understanding

What areas do I get to look at?

In Life Codes Readings Marina will focus on specific areas of your life:

  • Your relationships – discover the issues which are impacting on your relationships. Understanding yourself and others. Live the life you want.
  • Your working life – what’s impacting on your work, and what are your aspirations for your career going forward? Discover what you love to do.
  • Your health – explore the emotions that you are now ready to release and experience new energy for increased well-being.

Prior to the session

If we haven’t met or you are unsure, prior to your session you can have a 10 minutes free consultation with Marina to discover if a Life Codes Reading is for you. She will ask which area in life you wish to focus on in order to assess if she is the right person to help you. After your consultation Marina will ask if you would like to book your reading.

Length of session

40 minutes – With picture of the Tree of Life and some notes from the session emailed afterwards

How is done?

Life Code – Soul Readings are done over Skype (phone only) or over the phone (landline, mobiles charge extra). During session I will guide you to establish your specific focus first, then we will do reading (using Architype cards) with explanations of insights and energies present for your chosen focus and thirdly we will do healing internally on energy presents with the Emotional Release technique – (by Lester Levenson and his teacher Hale Dwoskin

Investment in yourself

Each session is £55

Sessions are mainly done on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.  You can ask if there is a possibility of other times by sending an email. Full payment is made prior to start of the session.

You can book your Life Code Soul Reading here:

Cancellation and refund

If you need to cancel your session, I require 48 hours’ notice – please contact me by phone (07940 827 163) or email (  If 48 hours’ notice is not given, the session fee cannot be refunded.

On rare occasions when Marina is forced to cancel a session, an alternative date or refund will be offered.

Can anyone benefit?
It is unimportant if you believe in tools such as Emotional Freedom technique as a solution or have experienced them previously. Even the most skeptical person can have magnificent results.

These are just some of powerful tools that supported long lasting change in Marina’s and her clients lifestyle for the better.


Marina Duskov